How Use Deals & Coupon is committed to offer you all the latest and realizable coupons and deals which will help you to save your money. If you see any offer with text link on the then you will have to click on the link, once you click on that link it will brings you on the other tab which will show you the store page where you can get the deal or promotion. If you find any offer or deal on which is associated with a specific coupon code, simply click on “SHOW COUPON” button after clicking there, you will have display off your coupon code. In the next tab we’ve opened the store site for you. At the time of your shopping during checkout you will have to paste the code in the promo code field, few of the retailers call them promotional codes, sometimes known as coupon code or discount code. Then click on the button to apply it and save money on things you want or else you can also avail free shipping offer.